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M2M: A rare wave of opportunity

M2M: A rare wave of opportunity

Posted by Jeremy CowanFebruary 2, 2011

Every now and then an industry pauses, gathers itself like a new wave and surges forward with greater power than ever before. Technological advances and evolving business models seem to mean that it happens more often in the communications ‘industry’ than almost anywhere. And if you’re lucky and quick enough to catch the wave it can be a risky but exhilarating ride.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard to analyse what’s creating the swell until it’s happened, by which time everyone can see it for themselves. So, at M2M Now (the same team that brought you VanillaPlus, the fastest growing magazine in telecoms for the last five years) we won’t be relying solely on our own senses; we are proud to announce that we have already signed up our first Editorial Advisers whose vast personal networks rival those of most machines.

We’re interviewing people who have built profitable businesses in machine-to-machine communications for all manner of industries. But long experience of the communications business has taught us the need to exchange information online, as well as face-to-face and in print.

There are multiple factors at play here. The growing number of network operators with dedicated M2M business divisions, the rapid decline in operators’ voice revenues, a growing range of sensors, ever-improving connectivity, the proliferation of connected consumer devices – ranging from in-car infotainment to cameras, and from washing machines to TVs and picture frames – leads industry analysts worldwide to forecast an extraordinary future for embedded devices . All in all, it’s time for M2M Now.

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