Digi and Sprint claim first commercial-grade integrated 4G routers for M2M services

Minnesota-based Digi International has introduced what it says are the industry’s first commercial-grade integrated 4G routers – the Digi Connect WAN 4G and ConnectPort X4 4G. Certified by network operators Sprint and Clearwire, the routers provide high-speed, low latency connectivity via 4G networks to remote sites, devices and device/sensor networks.

Sprint is the first US national wireless carrier to launch a 4G network, and its fast speeds make the routers ideal for high-bandwidth, machine-to-machine (M2M) services such as digital signage, video surveillance and mobile computing. The low latency remote industrial networks.

“4G dramatically increases the bandwidth and lowers the latency of wireless WAN connections,” said Larry Kraft, Digi International’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Over five years ago, Digi launched the first commercial-grade cellular routers with our Digi Connect WAN. We’re now bringing years of expertise with vertically-focused M2M applications into this exciting 4G partnership with Sprint.”

Wayne Ward, Vice President of Emerging Solutions at Sprint, added, “4G is opening up new consumer and commercial applications that are transforming and Digi is the leading enabler of M2M applications with specific vertical market experience.”

These 4G routers are said to be ideal for transportation, fleet management, outdoor street lighting, traffic control signal, security, energy management and other applications that require high bandwidth and low latency connectivity. The Digi Connect WAN 4G features flexible device interfaces including RS-232 serial, USB and Ethernet for device connectivity. The ConnectPort X4 4G also features ZigBee to WiMAX allowing it to connect to a network of ZigBee-enabled wireless devices or sensors. A version with a NEMA X4/IP66 enclosure is also available for harsh environments.

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