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Embedded modules picked for Wifi routers

Embedded modules picked for Wifi routers

Posted by Steve RogersonFebruary 17, 2011

Netcomm, a manufacturer of data communications products for small business and home users, has selected Sierra Wireless Airprime MC7750 and MC7710 intelligent embedded modules to provide 4G cellular network connectivity for its Liberty series of LTE Wifi routers.
By providing cellular network connectivity of up to 100Mbit/s download and 50Mbit/s upload, Netcomm’s routers will provide consumers with broadband connection speeds comparable to – or even surpassing – high-speed cable and ADSL wired broadband. In the future, these routers could help mobile network operators in Europe and North America expand into new markets, offering bundled voice and data packages comparable with those currently offered by wired network operators.
Sierra Wireless’ embedded modules are multi-mode, providing built-in support for multiple 4G, 3G and 2G data networks across multiple frequency bands. The multi-mode capability and common form factor simplify the design and engineering process, allowing the manufacturer to address virtually any market, anywhere in the world, with a single router design.

“For our end customers, it means they can take their broadband connections with them wherever they go – on vacation, on the road, anywhere their cellular carrier has coverage,”

said David Stewart, managing director of Netcomm.
Netcomm has also worked with Sierra Wireless professional services teams throughout the development and certification stages of the router. Drawing on its relationships with network operators, Sierra Wireless can provide Netcomm with LTE modules that are pre-certified for the many 3G and 4G networks around the world in which they will operate.
“We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Netcomm, bringing 4G LTE connectivity to the Liberty series router,” said Didier Dutronc, senior vice president and general manager for M2M embedded products at Sierra Wireless. “The Netcomm Liberty series LTE Wifi router provides a solid solution for people living or working in areas not serviced by ADSL, cable or fibre – even those who rely on high-bandwidth applications.”

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