Coming soon: 712m consumer connected device shipments

Consumer connected device shipment forecast

Overall shipments of consumer connected devices will increase from 262.1m units in 2010 to 712.1m units in 2015, according to a report from Infinite Research.

The “Consumer Connected Device Report” predicts that shipment volumes, along with product manufacturers who are increasingly incorporating cellular and/or Wifi connectivity into their devices, will cause the global installed base of consumer connected devices to swell to 2.1bn units in 2015.

The explosion of connected devices is being driven by consumers seeking on-demand access to movies, music, social networking services, applications (apps), connected services and other content, says the report. Additionally, wireless modules have hit price points that encourage device manufacturers to add connectivity options to their products.

This, in combination with falling device prices and fundamental demand, is driving consumer adoption of mobile connected devices and connected home electronics.

“In less than half a decade, internet connectivity has evolved from mainly existing in the world of personal computing devices to now being included in virtually all products,” says a statement from Infinite Research. “Today, network connectivity can be found in cars, toys, machines, and even public infrastructure.

“While growth of embedded internet connectivity has been fast across many product and equipment categories, the most rapid expansion is occurring in the consumer connected device space.

“Home electronics, such as televisions, videogame consoles, set-top boxes and DVD players, are incorporating network connectivity, as are mobile consumer devices like e-readers, media players, tablets, and digital cameras.”

The report provides detailed shipment, installed base, hardware revenue and network revenue forecasts for all the device categories listed in the graph above, as well as further segmenting the data by region, technology type and market classification. The report also provides in-depth coverage of the key trends, forces, developments, business models and success factors impacting the connected device space.

Read Infinite Research’s Mark Ritorto’s comments on market sizing and forecasting for smart metering in North America and Europe in the April-June 2011 issue of M2M Now magazine.

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