Enterprise class control brought to M2M wireless devices

Quatech has introduced the AMC airborne management centre software to support installation, configuration and setup of rugged and secure enterprise-class Wifi networking device servers, Ethernet bridges and embedded modules.

The software is claimed to bring enterprise class device discovery, management and control to the world of M2M wireless devices. This device management application enables single-click maintenance. AMC is an application that supports individual and group management of all aspects of the devices – firmware updating, configuration management, access management (passwords), virtual com port installation and more.

Virtual com port drivers can be installed with one click, enabling the use of legacy software to communicate with networked devices seamlessly through standard com port addresses (that is com1, com2 and so on) in the system’s device manager. Quatech’s VCom driver takes care of routing communications ports to the networked serial devices.

“The airborne management centre dramatically reduces the time required to both install and manage Quatech airborne products,” said Steve Runkel, Quatech president and CEO.

“By being able to remotely manage thousands of networked devices, corporate users reduce field service support calls, downtime and warranty expenses that can result in savings of greater than $100,000 for large scale M2M applications.”

The AMC software is included with all external airborne industrial and enterprise class 802.11 serial device servers, Ethernet bridges and embedded modules. The external industrial and enterprise class product families provide advanced security features. The multi-layered security approach addresses the requirements of enterprise-class networks and corporate IT departments.

These security features include wireless security (802.11i and WPA2 Enterprise); network security (EAP authentication and certificate support); built-in firewalls on the Ethernet and wlan interfaces; secure communications (built-in SSH functionality and fully encrypted data tunnels for secure management and data transfer); and device security (multi-level encryption capability to protect sensitive device configuration data).

The firm’s Airborne Portflex capability now enables OEMs to configure communications ports in any combination through software configuration only. Airborne Portflex supports serial, Ethernet and 802.11 interfaces, and provides the ability to configure each port independently. Additionally, it provides the ability to use multiple data paths, enabling OEMs to leverage both serial and Ethernet communications ports simultaneously.

The airborne industrial and enterprise Ethernet bridges are fully functional NAT level three routers, supporting a public IP address for the wireless interface and a private network for the attached devices on the wired interface. With NAT3, the router integrates with existing Ethernet devices, supporting 10/100 Ethernet, DHCP and static IP addressing, allowing a quick connection to advanced enterprise class networks without changing the platform. The NAT3 functionality is also available as a feature on airborne industrial 802.11 serial device servers, which come standard with a 10/100 Ethernet interface.

Quatech is now shipping the AMC with all its latest Wifi networking products. The software is also available for download on the company’s web site.

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