Numerex prepares to attack global logistics market

Numerex has announced that it is leveraging its M2M platforms to address the multifaceted needs of the global logistics market.

In response to the increasing demands arising from complex informational and physical value chains worldwide, the company has developed services that provide intelligent and real-time visibility into a wide variety of nomadic assets.

The company has said it has done this in response to US secretary of commerce Gary Locke’s remarks at the Supply Chain Infrastructure Competitiveness Conference in May 2009 in Washington, DC.

“We need to find new methods to move products more efficiently if we are to keep pace with the rest of the world,” said Locke at the time. “That means viewing the relationship between trade and transportation more broadly, in interconnected and interrelated ways that are much more complex. Old solutions are not enough. Supply chains today are being changed dramatically by forces that go beyond traditional transportation remedies. At every level of a supply chain, one sees more advanced information technology applications, more sophisticated equipment, more integrated business processes.”

A statement from Numerex responded: “As the world economy is getting tightly integrated, logistics and supply chain management’s role in businesses’ value creation cannot be overstated. Asset tracking, as a stand-alone service, is no longer sufficient. Data gathering and analysis are expected to provide critical pieces of information necessary to efficient management. Information technology is now an inherent component of any logistics and supply chain infrastructure.”

Numerex claims that it can provide the tools to optimise the flow of products and activities, which constitute the modern-day supply chain.

“A flat world requires an intricate web of connections and real-time interactions to allow optimal decision-making,” said Stratton Nicolaides, chairman and chief executive officer of Numerex. “Our suite of products and services specifically tailored to the logistics market facilitates this global management through smart remote monitoring and control of assets regardless of their geographic location. Hosted in a secure environment, they aim at becoming a critical component of our clients’ informational infrastructure.”

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