Flexible antenna hits 80% efficiency

Taoglas has launched the FXP830, a flexible antenna with 80% efficiency for the M2M wireless device and module market.

Made from flexible polymer material, it measures 42 by 7 by 0.01mm and has a 3dBi peak gain. The dual-band, dipole antenna is for the 2.4/5.8GHz band including Wifi, Zigbee and wlan.

The company claims that its efficiency of 80% compares to 10 to 15% efficiency of chip antennas and 20 to 30% efficiency of pifa and loop antennas.

Double-sided 3M tape on one side allows for peel-and-stick mounting. This makes it suitable for fast and easy implementation particularly in devices where space is at a premium, such as sensors, nodes and cameras.

“I’ve worked in the module space for many years and I’ve never seen anything like the FXP830,” said Tim Dolan, director of North American sales for Taoglas. “In this market, antennas are usually made of PCB material requiring customers to devise some type of unique mounting scheme or external antennas which are prone to breaking off. The FXP830 is a tiny, dual band, flexible, 3dBi gain antenna that solves all the issues.

“Customers are amazed with the performance of this device and how easy it is to peel and stick the antenna for mounting. It is the best dual-band antenna in the market.”

Applications include: telemedical and telehealth, including body worn devices; mesh networking and remote monitoring; M2M module providers for high reference performance; security; and smart metering.

“We were looking for an embedded dual-band antenna that had great performance, low cost, and can meet the demanding requirements of our Wifi module customers in the embedded medical, handheld, industrial and metering markets,” said Quatech director of wireless applications Andy Ross. “The FXP830 did all that.”

Taoglas is also launching the FXP810, which has different mounting options.

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