Multi-mode wireless data modem functions on one IC

CML Microcircuits has launched the CMX7164 multi-mode wireless data modem IC.

The device provides 4/16/64-QAM and root raised cosine 2/4FSK baseband modem functions on one chip, replacing the current need for user programmed DSP plus codec ICs. This development includes digital IF filters, auxiliary codecs, clock generator and IO functions that lower cost and chip count.

The complete baseband modem delivers multiple modulations for narrowband applications. These include M2M systems over dedicated channels, digital software defined radio (SDR), high-speed wireless data and Scada systems. The half-duplex device operates up to 96kbit/s in 25kHz and supports 6.25, 12.5 and 25kHz bandwidths, making it suitable for narrow banding migration worldwide.

Device capabilities are expandable and additional modulation types such as GMSK/GFSK will be provided. QAM provides higher data rates and legacy RRC 4FSK, and GMSK/GFSK features provide backwards compatibility with legacy systems.

The device uses CML’s proprietary Firmasic component technology. On-chip subsystems are configured by a function image data file that is uploaded during device initialisation and defines the device’s function and features set. The device’s functions and features can be enhanced by subsequent function image releases, facilitating in-the-field upgrades.

A logical interface provides addressable configuration parameters that ease host driver development.

Selectable modulation, symbol rate and FEC suit a wide range of applications without hardware reconfiguration.

Features include direct I/Q analogue inputs and outputs, channel estimation and equalisation, pulse shape filtering, ramdac capability for ramping PA power control, and a C-Bus SPI compatible serial interface to the host microcontroller. Four auxiliary ADCs with six selectable input paths, four auxiliary DACs and two programmable system clock outputs are provided to aid design and operational flexibility.

It operates at 3.3V supply and includes selectable power saving modes. It is available in 64-VQFN and 64-LQFP packages.

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