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John Horn switches from T-Mobile to Raco Wireless

John Horn switches from T-Mobile to Raco Wireless

Posted by Steve RogersonMay 17, 2011

John Horn, T-Mobile USA’s national director of M2M, has left the company to join Raco Wireless and has taken most of his team of 25 with him.

Raco is one of T-Mobile’s preferred M2M partners and the firms are near the end of a ten year contract, the seven most recent of which had focussed on M2M. Raco provides M2M connectivity on T-Mobile’s network.

In 2006 T-Mobile launched its telemetry programme and selected Raco to host one of its private APNs for wireless data customers specialising in M2M applications.

“What we’ve done is taken the front end of T-Mobile and moved that over to Raco,” said Horn (pictured).

The business development team at T-Mobile will be moving over to Raco within the next 30 to 60 days.

“This will allow us as Raco Wireless to onboard customers not in weeks, but in days, in hours,” Horn said.

“There will be about three people that will stay at T-Mobile that will manage our Raco Wireless relationship, but the rest of the team will migrate over.”

Rob Adams, CEO of Raco Wireless, said: “John Horn is an outspoken evangelist and visionary for the M2M industry and brings a decade of experience to Raco Wireless.”

AT&T are in the process of trying to buy T-Mobile.

“At this point in time we’re going to take away as much business from them as we can,” said Horn.

Post acquisition, Horn said he was confident AT&T would find the same value in Raco Wireless as T-Mobile had for the past decade.

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