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GSM and GPRS module in castellation form factor

GSM and GPRS module in castellation form factor

Posted by Steve RogersonJune 4, 2011

IWow Connections has expanded its cellular product line with a compact TR-900C module, the company’s first GSM and GPRS module with castellation form factor.

With simple connectivity for easy integration, the module is designed for high volume, cost efficient production across an array of M2M applications. Using a castellation form factor, it provides fully automatic assembly processes using a standard pick and place assembly line.

Quality control is also made simple as the module mounting can be visually inspected in the manufacturing line.

The module has firmware with value-added protocol stacks such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP and CMux. Using a reliable connection, it has an extended temperature range and power management with selectable operation mode for power sensitive and demanding M2M applications.

In addition, it provides an RF interference mitigation feature for multi-RF device design, allowing the co-existence of RF technologies of similar frequency bands in a smaller form factor.

The module is suitable for cost-sensitive and RF applications such as track and asset management, security and surveillance, fixed telephony, and smart utilities.

“We recognise the need for a reliable surface mount module for high volume production,” said Evert Ong, general manager of IWow Connections.

“Our TR-900C with castellation form factor and robust RF features is designed for unsurpassed ease of use, yet is reliable, robust and highly flexible.”

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