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Wifi module is drop-in replacement in M2M applications

Wifi module is drop-in replacement in M2M applications

Posted by Steve RogersonJune 7, 2011

The RN-XVee from Roving Networks is a low power, through-hole 802.11 b/g module that is drop-in compatible with existing 802.15.4 modules.

The module is for users looking to migrate their existing systems to standard Wifi based internet protocol (IP) without modifying hardware.

It has a TTL uart pin-out that is compatible with common 802.15.4 footprints. The module provides low power and full speed 802.11 b/g rates and is suitable for both legacy and existing designs such as sensor networks, utility meters, remote control and M2M applications.

As with the company’s other wireless products, the RN-XVee provides low-power characteristics such as 4µA sleep, 40mA RX and 180mA TX at 10dBm. It is built upon the firm’s RN-171 module, which includes a complete onboard TCP/IP stack so no external microprocessor or drivers are required.

Built-in network services include IPv4 addressing with full WEP, WPA and WPA2 security, HTTP, FTP, UDP, TCP, DNS, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, and Wifi protected setup (WPS).

“The RN-XVee is based on standard Wifi, thus eliminating the need for proprietary network stacks and specialised gateway hardware,” said Mike Conrad, founder and CEO of Roving Networks.

“This simplifies the application network architecture, reducing development time and cost while providing internet access to every node.”

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