M2M provides tracking for charity bike ride

M2M wireless asset tracking, sensing and control provider OnAsset Intelligence is again teaming up with Push America to provide location monitoring technology to riders on Journey of Hope, a cross-country charity raising bicycle trek.

The event starts in Seattle and San Francisco on 8 and 12 June, respectively, and finishes in Washington DC on 13 August.

Journey of Hope is the largest fraternal fundraising and awareness event of its kind, benefiting people with disabilities. More than 80 riders will trek 19,000km, across 32 states, stopping each day to meet with groups that support people with disabilities. The course itinerary and rider journal entries are available on the Push America web site.

OnAsset Intelligence makes wireless location tracking products that are used by airlines, freight forwarders and shippers to track high-value assets around the globe. For the second year in a row, OnAsset’s Sentry 400 GPS tracking technology is being provided to riders in the Journey of Hope.

Every 30min, Sentry devices send location updates to OnAsset’s Vision software platform, that is integrated with the Google Maps interface on the Push America web site, to keep family members, donors, race coordinators and charitable organisations up to date with the athletes’ location throughout the journey.

“OnAsset’s technology enhances the fun and the sense of community by enabling anyone to follow the progress of our athletes as they make their way across the country,” said Tanner Bacon, director of Push America Challenge. “This is our second year working with OnAsset and we’re grateful for their participation.”

Riders on Journey of Hope are members of Pi Kappa Phi, who spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities. Since the inaugural ride, the event has expanded to raise more than US$500,000 annually for people with disabilities. To date, more than 900 undergraduates have participated in Journey of Hope.

“OnAsset has looked forward to working with Push America again since our first collaboration with the riders of Journey of Hope last year,” says Adam Crossno, president and CEO of OnAsset.

“It’s a joy to work with them and bring real-time visibility to family and friends on the location and progress of the riders and their teams.”

Journey of Hope will last 63 days, with riders completing about 130km each day.

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