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Kore buys Mach to expand M2M in Asia-Pacific

Kore buys Mach to expand M2M in Asia-Pacific

Posted by Steve RogersonJune 10, 2011

Kore Wireless has bought Australian-based wireless M2M network provider Mach Communications.

The company hopes the acquisition will let it more effectively respond to the demands of the rapidly expanding global market for M2M. The acquisition, which was completed as an all-cash transaction following unanimous approval of shareholders, is complete.

“With the acquisition of Mach Communications, Kore now makes international service delivery even more simple and secure,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO of Kore Wireless Group.

Earlier this year, Kore announced the commercial delivery of its Global Connect integrated worldwide cellular and satellite capabilities through its global communications service delivery platform, Prism Pro. This acquisition adds a significant incumbent subscriber base, further carrier service options and, most critically, a skilled team to let it expand in the Asia-Pacific market.

According to Beecham Research, Asia-Pacific M2M growth is expected to outstrip North American growth by more than 25% over the next five years, with an expected CAGR of 26%.

“Global adoption of M2M service solutions requires uninterrupted, reliable data communications and faultless support 24/7, regardless of geographic location,” said Brisbourne. “Working with the Mach team over the past three years, we were very impressed by the common ideals that we both have for servicing global customers.

“As Kore continues to build on its powerful M2M communications platform, and we empower organisations across the globe with a single interface for monitoring and managing connected devices, this geographic expansion was a natural fit.”

The Kore Global Connect network supports IP-data communications, SMS and low-use short-burst-data satellite network services. When coupled with the Prism Pro network and business management platform, Kore provides a single view and centralised management capabilities of all devices throughout the world.

“Since 2005, Mach has built a great reputation around our superior service support and long-term account relationships,” said Shane Murphy, vice president and general manager for Mach Asia-Pacific. “Many of our customers are now demanding broader service and support access, and we believe that the combined company will address these growth needs far more effectively than any other organisation, including wireless carriers.

“The team at Mach is excited to become part of the Kore family, as are our customers who understand how a global M2M network can help their businesses.”

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