White Paper: How operators can capitalise on the growing M2M opportunity

Several technology trends are rapidly converging to accelerate the growth of the machine-to-machine (M2M) services market. First, most network-centric organisations, including telecommunications service providers, utility companies and enterprises, are migrating to all-iP infrastructures, a technology transition which encompasses home networks as well.

Next, devices that access the network, particularly smartphones, are becoming ever more intelligent, expanding M2M’s emphasis on both commercial and consumer markets.

Finally, increased computing software and systems intelligence is enabling device data management, policy, and billing innovations which, in turn, support time-of-day discount pricing for M2M services. For mobile operators, the emerging M2M services sector presents tremendous opportunities to create new revenue streams, expand the customer base and strengthen margins.

This paper examines the following:

  • Market Sector taking off
  • Major impacts of M2M Services on the Mobile network
  • M2M versus human Mobility Services
  • Applications for Machines, for People or for Both?
  • Two Powerful applications illustrate the Security challenges
  • Co-existence and interoperability of 2G, 3G and Lte
  • Four network areas need Solutions for M2M Services

Download the report here

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