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Portal offers better control over M2M services

Portal offers better control over M2M services

Posted by Steve RogersonJune 23, 2011

Sprint has launched Command Center, a centralised, secure, self-service portal providing better control over M2M devices and services. The tool is a platform that lets businesses control provisioning, billing, management and application development of their own M2M services.

Command Center lets businesses manage services via a web portal or direct API access, while also using existing enterprise applications to control devices and services. Users can manufacture customisable devices, test connectivity and deploy to the field before generating monthly recurring charges via automatic activation triggers.

Business users can then tailor M2M opportunities for their own operations or for their customers. Companies can add, remove, suspend and un-suspend devices on the fly, view detailed and summary usage records and billing information, and create custom user notifications based on usage thresholds.

The benefit to business users and developers is a simplified, easy-to-use, secure application that enables an enterprise to manage the growing number of M2M devices without requiring separate charges. The base level of features is included with Sprint’s M2M rate plans. Additional integration, management features and self-service capabilities are also available as needed.

“Our Blink charging stations are rapidly expanding into 18 major cities and metropolitan areas,” said Jonathan Read, CEO of Ecotality.

“We are able to leverage the Sprint Command Center to manage the growing number of electric charging stations – including remote activation and upgrades, plus the ability to collect data wirelessly for billing, security and other services.”

The portal lets businesses control a single device or thousands of devices and includes a built-in, encrypted VPN security standard; it does not require additional services to achieve a secure connection.

“As businesses discover the enormous potential of M2M they’re demanding resources and tools that can provide rapid enablement and return on investment, along with an enhanced experience for their customers,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of emerging services at Sprint. “The Sprint Command Center anticipates that need as a key addition to our solutions package.

“Coupled with Sprint’s proven experience in M2M solutions management, Sprint Command Center helps drive enhanced innovation in functions that depend on reliable, fast communication, including energy management, transportation, telematics, mobile healthcare, mobile security and digital signage. Our open platform, network leadership, dedicated support and proven experience will help businesses quickly and securely launch their M2M ideas.”

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