Pocketfinder finds its way to Mexico and Latin America

Location Based Technologies (LBT) is to provide its Pocketfinder family of location devices and services to Mexico and Latin America through Radiomovil Dipsa (America Movil).

LBT provides personal, pet and asset GPS locators and devices. Under the agreement, the Pocketfinder products will be integrated into Telcel’s M2M network and LBT will sell devices directly to Telcel.

“By partnering with Telcel and America Movil, their 231 million wireless customers in Mexico and Latin America will soon enjoy the benefits of the Pocketfinder products and services,” said Dave Morse, CEO of LBT. “We were selected by Telcel and America Movil because they are committed to bringing the best wireless M2M products and GPS services to their customers and believe that LBT delivers breakthrough products that will change the way businesses and families use wireless data devices.”

Telcel’s sccessful multi-month testing of the Pocketfinder devices and network certification was conducted throughout each of Telcel’s Mexico based territories. The wireless carriers will market and provide complete services to their commercial and consumer customer base. Now that the companies have reached a partnership agreement, the first purchase orders are expected to arrive shortly.

“We’re thrilled to make our products available to Telcel and America Movil customers in Mexico and many Latin American countries,” said Morse.

The Pocketfinder is claimed to be the smallest known single-board GSM and GPS device, and it fits into a pocket, purse or backpack, and can be accessed via smartphones or any other device that provides internet access to show its location in real time. Its service includes advanced GPS features that let users designate customisable alert areas such as electronic fences or zones, vehicle speeds, location times and fleet management information.

“We at Telcel are pleased to be working with Location Based Technologies in launching the Pocketfinder family of products to our customers in Latin America,” said Arturo Rodriquez Monsalvo, chief of mobile data services at Telcel.

“We see Pocketfinder’s location offering as a great enhancement to Telcel’s data machine-to-machine services.”

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