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US Navy adopts Digi wireless tracking system

US Navy adopts Digi wireless tracking system

Posted by Steve RogersonJuly 25, 2011

Inteligistics is to use the IDigi device cloud, Connectport X wireless gateways and XBee Zigbee modules to enable wirelessly its intelligent, asset tracking system for the US Navy.

The Digi patented system provides security and real-time access to location, inventory, environmental data and other critical information. It will be used by the US Navy to track the contents of tens of thousands of shipping containers across the world, as well as by the global logistics industry.

Inteligistics is a technology company that tracks and communicates the real-time information of any component or asset that is in-transit anywhere in the world. Its intelligent logistics products involve radio frequency identification (RFID), information, sensor and communications technologies that are integrated to suit each customer’s logistics needs.

Inteligistics’ patented Dynamic Smart Box inventory tracking system includes a controller with a Connectport X cellular gateway and RFID reader modules with XBee Zigbee modules.

The RFID readers gather container content information from RFID tagged items in a container and communicate the data back to the gateway via the Zigbee modules. The gateway then sends the information to the device cloud over cellular networks where Inteligistics’ customers can monitor container location, content and activity and can react to any abnormal incidents.

Environmental sensors are also connected via the Zigbee modules to the gateway to provide additional container information such as door open status, temperature, weight and other information. The system provides real-time alerts related to security breaches, routing deviations or abnormal environmental conditions.

“The IDigi device cloud and wireless technology enable advanced system functionality and total asset visibility in real-time,” said Rao Mandava, chairman and CEO of Inteligistics. “Our system can provide high levels of return on investment through improved asset visibility, operational enhancements and efficiency.”

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