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Discrete Wireless changes name to Nextraq

Discrete Wireless changes name to Nextraq

Posted by Steve RogersonJuly 25, 2011

GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management company Discrete Wireless has changed its name to Nextraq. The company has also added one-minute reporting and 12-month customer data retention to its standard offering.

The Nextraq Fleet Tracking platform (formerly called Marcus) is a cloud-based application that enables service and distribution businesses to optimise fleet operations while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.

The suite of applications – Fleet Dispatch (formerly Marcus Drive), Fleet Metrics (formerly Marcus Pulse) and Fleet Mobile (formerly Marcus Mobile) – gives customers the ability to manage their fleet more efficiently. Additionally, easy-to-use reporting functionality delivers key performance indicators to benchmark company goals.

“The re-brand initiative to Nextraq strengthens our commitment to provide our customers with the highest-value GPS fleet tracking solution in the telematics industry,” said Mike Scarbrough, CEO of Nextraq. “It’s an ideal time as the overall GPS market is forecasting dramatic growth. Historically, we have been a first-to-market company; proven again with one-minute reporting and 12-month customer data retention.

“Our brand identity in Nextraq reinforces more than ten years of design innovation and industry firsts.”

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