White Paper: Developing Enterprise M2M Apps in Days or Weeks — Not Months or Years

Developers are building M2M applications to help companies reduce service and fuel costs, generate new sources of revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. The principle market segments and applications driving this market need for M2M solutions include:

  • Vehicle Telematics and Fleet Management – Applications in this arena enable users to monitor and track the location, movements, status, and behaviour of a vehicle or vehicle fleet.
  • Usage-Based Insurance – With the simple installation of a hardware unit in passenger vehicles, M2M applications now enable insurance carriers to review driver activity trends and reward drivers based on good driving behaviour.
  • mHealth Solutions – Health is an emerging market where both wired and wireless devices are remotely monitored and the data they collect is shared with doctors and patients through portals and dashboards. Doing so helps ensure device uptime and accuracy, increases billable activity and helps improve patient care.
  • Home Energy Monitoring – Simple applications driven by smart energy sensors enable and disable power outlets, while advanced applications on Smartphones are enabling a broad range of connected devices to provide homeowners with remote control and cost-saving suggestions.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation – Solutions that combine product status at key inspection points are supplying logistics information to distribution manager for interactive, real-time supply chain control.

This white paper is intended to help you look at how to get started on your organisation’s app development requirements.

The Long Way – Do-it-yourself
You may be thinking to yourself: How am I going to build my M2M application? I need to have scalability to support a growing number of devices. And I also need to manage different types of devices and protocols. Should I develop my own protocol? What are the development costs? What are my hosting options? Should I do it myself? Should I invest in hardware…? The questions and considerations are many and varied and all are valid as you consider which technologies you need when architecting an M2M solution.

However, addressing all of these considerations will take you months – or even years – to sort out and will cost you valuable time to market, and money.

The proposed shortcut? An M2M App Development Platform. Download this new white paper today to explore how this may benefit your organisation.

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