Multi-Tech Cellular Development Platform and Physio-Control Combine to Save Lives

At the recent Connected World Conference, Multi-Tech Systems and Physio-Control received a Value Chain Award for their combined solution using the Multi-Tech Cellular Development Platform, and the Physio-Control LIFEPAK® portable defibrillator and the LIFENET® data management platform. The award recognises successful adopters of M2M technology and the providers themselves.

Medics in the field use the LIFEPAK device to capture patient data, such as a 12-lead ECG and vital signs, and then send this information to hospitals using M2M technology.

The LIFENET System alerts care teams and distributes the information so that the appropriate caregivers are notified, make appropriate diagnosis decisions, and prepare for the patient. Multi-Tech modems enable real-time data transmission via cellular communications.

Multi-Tech, a manufacturer of M2M communications devices, was selected by Physio-Control to enable its Advanced Wireless Gateway Project for its 3G mobile healthcare solution. In addition to using Multi-Tech’s Cellular Development Platform, Multi-Tech is providing design services, contract manufacturing and forward and reverse logistics to enable a 3G mobile healthcare solution.

The Cellular Development Platform enables Physio-Control to overlay its own quality control system, to manage its software development internally and stay equipped with the latest wireless technologies and ensure a future–proof design.

The Cellular Development Platform brings together a cellular hardware development kit and Multi-Tech’s CoreCDP™, a complete OpenEmbedded Linux build environment, to create custom applications. The Cellular Development Platform includes an ARM9 processor, a 2G or 3G cellular modem along with; Ethernet, USB, RS232 and GPIO ports as well as an optional GPS connection. These connectivity options allow the CDP to integrate a variety of devices and sensors.

Multi-Tech offers CDP developer kits, support services, a developer community and deployment options to suit any need – providing the shortest path in bringing applications from possibility to production. A developer community is available to share resources at and additional support is available through Multi-Tech’s online portal.

To view Multi-Tech’s free white papers and webinars, go to

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