Onasset updates tracking software platform

Onasset Intelligence announced the latest version of its Vision software platform at the M2M Evolution Conference in Austin, Texas, last week.

Onasset provides M2M wireless asset tracking, sensing and control products. Vision is a software-as-a-service product that provides shippers with round-the-clock visibility regarding the whereabouts and condition of their assets in the supply chain. It has intuitive mapping capabilities with custom data overlays that visualise the real-time state and location – as well as the status history – of any asset being tracked by the firm’s Sentry devices.

Shippers and third-party logistics providers use Vision to monitor and analyse the data sent from Sentry devices in the field, and Vision helps shippers manage response plans in the event of a theft or temperature alert during transit.

Functionality incorporated into the latest version should make it easier to establish threshold limits regarding the temperature, pressure, humidity, light, motion, shock and vibration of transported assets. Users will also be able to create virtual perimeter geo-fences that track the location of cargo from origin to destination. Vision can save route groups for frequent transit or repeat shipments.

Also added is the ability to customise notifications via email, SMS or EDI exchange in the event of an alert.

Third-party data feeds can be incorporated that include weather reports, traffic reports, surveillance cameras at points of interests such as rest stops or petrol stations, airline arrivals, sea port arrivals and crime feeds.

Vision data can be integrated directly into the ERP systems of shippers, manufacturers, distribution centres and retail outlets, providing complete visibility for in-transit and delivery status.

“Our Sentry asset tracking devices provide a wealth of data, and the Vision platform enables customers to interpret the data, and turn them into actionable intelligence in the event of an alert during transit,” said Chris Robison, vice president of development and professional services for Onasset.

“The latest version of Vision incorporates functionality that’s specifically designed to work the way that shippers and logistics providers work. Much more than just dots-on-a-map, Vision is a business-centric tool that helps companies secure their supply chain, and reduce their transportation costs.”

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