Cycle30 selects Comverse for M2M hosted billing services

James Dunlap, Cycle 30 James Dunlap, President of Cycle 30

Cycle30, a Seattle, Washington-based provider of hosted billing services for communications, utility and machine-to-machine (M2M) service operators, has chosen the Comverse BSS solution to power the billing and rating services platform for its growing M2M business. Comverse is a Business Support Systems (BSS), mobile internet and value-added services provider headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Already well known in the telco sphere, Comverse’s BSS is now reportedly being deployed in an increasing variety of additional industries to monetise new service types and real-time data events, to share revenues with partners, and more.

“Comverse BSS technology has proven itself both flexible and powerful time and again at rating and billing usage-based products and services across the communications and utility service provider arenas,” said James Dunlap (pictured above), president and general manager of Cycle30. “We believe that Comverse BSS technology, with its ability to handle massive amounts of real-time data, will similarly empower us to create flexible M2M billing services for Cycle30 customers across dozens of other industries.”

“We’re pleased to be supporting Cycle30‘s efforts in the emergent M2M services market,” said Garrison Macri, Comverse’s vice president of sales and general manager for the Americas. “With cloud and M2M on the cusp of phenomenal expansion worldwide, Comverse BSS is leading the way with the proven functionality and flexibility required to enable customers to ride this wave of emerging revenue opportunities.”

The Comverse BSS solution will be part of the Cycle30 hosted rating and billing platform as it is deployed to M2M market customers. Cycle30 recently announced a customer agreement with an unnamed Fortune 200 company to provide hosted rating and billing services in the M2M electronics industry.

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