DragonBoard for Android connected devices now available through BSQUARE

DragonBoard platform DragonBoard platform

Bellevue, Washington, USA. 27 Sept, 2011 — BSQUARE Corporation (NASDAQ: BSQR), an enabler of smart, connected devices, has announced the general availability of DragonBoard™, an Android™ development platform based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ APQ8060 processor. DragonBoard provides device makers, application developers and other hardware and software ecosystem suppliers with early access to the APQ8060 processor in a flexible development environment.

DragonBoard is said to be a powerful, feature-rich development board that offers exposed connectors, adapters and expansion headers including JTAG, Ethernet and mini USB. These features provide deep levels of development, testing and expansion that allow OEMs to do early prototyping of APQ8060 based systems, component suppliers to integrate devices with the APQ8060 processor and Android application developers to create innovative applications for the growing open source development community. When combined with BSQUARE products and services, DragonBoard enables developers to get products to market faster and with less risk.

“DragonBoard is the newest addition to the range of development offerings that BSQUARE provides for the Android community,” said John Traynor, Vice President of Products for BSQUARE. “We are excited to continue our relationship with Qualcomm and also for the opportunities this new product provides for BSQUARE. DragonBoard is one way BSQUARE is reinforcing our commitment to the Android market with high quality products and professional services designed for the needs of application developers and component manufacturers.”

“BSQUARE continues to be a valuable resource in expanding the Android development ecosystem by delivering early access to new Snapdragon platforms,” said Tia Cassett, Senior Director of Business Development for Qualcomm. “DragonBoard is the third development product BSQUARE has launched within the last 12 months. With this new board, BSQUARE is furthering its commitment to Android by expanding the availability of development tools and support services that are designed to help device makers and application developers accelerate their product development.”

DragonBoard ships with an applications processor (APQ8060), a sensor daughter card and a connectivity daughter card — all of which are pre-installed on the carrier board. A peripheral kit (battery, earphone, 1MP/5MP camera and a 480×800 display / touchscreen) is also available for an additional cost.

Users of DragonBoard receive product documentation and access to complimentary tools and software updates and are eligible for BSQUARE technical support services, which the Company provides via email and online access to the BSQUARE Knowledge Base. Customers can also benefit from the engineering services and TestQuest automated testing solutions from BSQUARE, including TestQuest Pro and TestQuest CountDown, which both support testing of Android solutions.

BSQUARE provides production-ready software products, engineering services, solutions and automated testing for smart, connected devices. With deep technical knowledge of mobile and embedded technologies, BSQUARE enables device makers to develop and ship best in class products. Since 1994, BSQUARE has provided satisfied customers with innovative software solutions allowing them to get to market faster with reduced risk and cost.

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