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Sprint and Neptune join forces on water meters

Sprint and Neptune join forces on water meters

Posted by Steve RogersonSeptember 29, 2011

Sprint and Neptune Technology Group are working together to modernise the water utility infrastructure in the USA by combining the Sprint wireless network and M2M expertise with Neptune’s automated metering.

The two companies are helping utilities collect consumption and diagnostic data.

Key to this is Neptune’s Arb Fixedbase AMI automated metering infrastructure and AMR automated meter reading systems being available with Sprint’s 3G network communications backhaul.

“Utilities want to know that their AMI/AMR system will provide them with the best life cycle value in the industry,” said Kent Murray, vice president of marketing and engineering at Neptune. “We are excited to be adding the capabilities of Sprint’s network to our Arb Fixedbase AMR and AMI Systems.

“Sprint’s network has withstood the test of time and their network investments have strongly positioned them to meet the data and security requirements that our customers require today and in the future.”

By leveraging the strengths of Neptune’s 115+ years of experience and Sprint’s reputation among enterprise customers for voice and data services, water utilities will have access to what is claimed to be one of the best AMR and AMI systems in the industry.

“As we continue to expand our ecosystem of utility partners, we’re pleased to collaborate with industry leaders like Neptune,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of Sprint’s emerging products group.

“Sprint has an open and collaborative culture, unique network assets and more than a dozen years of experience developing communications products in the M2M market. As a result, we offer effective and flexible wireless network solutions for utilities, municipalities and application developers.”

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