Next-gen TIBCO platform aims to simplify provisioning in your data centre

Palo Alto, California, USA — TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) has unveiled new software that allows users to provision complex environments across public, private and hybrid clouds in minutes –- in a self-service way.

The next generation software expands upon TIBCO’s support for enterprises demanding private cloud environments, while also providing unique support for public and hybrid environments. In the private cloud, TIBCO Silver® Fabric allows users to create elastic applications that scale in and out as needed –- to meet the demands of big data and digital consumers. In the public cloud, TIBCO Silver® Marketplace offers individual users and organisations the ability to pay only for the software they use –- with no upfront expenses or long-term commitments.

“TIBCO Silver is uniquely qualified to help customers scale their business to meet the demands of the 21st century” said Ivan Casanova, director, product marketing, Tibco Software Inc. “With TIBCO Silver, our customers are able to lower costs and improve IT agility regardless of where they are in their cloud adoption model. The unique self-service capabilities we are bringing to market will revolutionise the way enterprise developers provision their own platforms.”

To meet the highly cyclical demands of large-scale business applications, enterprises traditionally either focus on peak performance, which requires steep investments in underlying hardware and support, or they forego SLA management with a lower cost approach that often results in poor performance when applications demand more power than the supporting infrastructure can supply.

TIBCO Silver Fabric delivers the best of both worlds –- high performance at reduced cost -– by using the computing power of your existing systems to automatically optimise and scale to meet business demands. Hosted securely within your on-premise data centre, TIBCO Silver Fabric seamlessly works with your existing hardware and software –- quickly enabling shared pools of computing resources that dynamically expand and contract based on real-time metrics. The platform provides three core capabilities required to host a private cloud environment:

* Self-Service: Developers can quickly provision software within a secure, private cloud environment.
* Automation: Launch your software infrastructure platforms within minutes.
* Elasticity: Predetermined rules can dynamically scale to meet the business demands of your running applications.

TIBCO Silver Marketplace brings the power of the TIBCO platform directly to end users who want to build powerful applications. Based on an innovative “pay-as-you-go” consumption model, TIBCO Silver Marketplace will empower a whole new set of organisations and users to start using TIBCO software. Users can go to and sign up for a free account, and start using the cloud services now.

In line with the company’s strategy for all its platform technologies to run in the cloud, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ is now supported on the TIBCO Silver Fabric private cloud platform. Existing ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ customers are now able to:

* Deploy a complete ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks platform across existing datacenter infrastructure (virtual or physical) in minutes
* Define business rules to dynamically scale run-time resources
* Rapidly test, develop, and prototype mission-critical processes
* Reduce the time it takes to create new operating environments

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