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Orwellian push for M2M product

Orwellian push for M2M product

Posted by Steve RogersonOctober 6, 2011

IMetrik M2M is launching a campaign under the theme of “Big Brother” to underline the opportunities for its machine-to-machine products, as a way to control and monitor any asset from anywhere-to-anywhere in the world.

With the slogan “Big Brother Working for YOU”, the company points out that once the firm’s M2M-Chip has been embedded into equipment, machinery, appliances or any device, it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere to anywhere in the world, whether it’s a fixed or mobile asset.

“Our plug-and-play solution makes it possible for the non-initiated to control and monitor any appliance, equipment or other asset, wherever it is located by simply using a computer or smart phone,” said Jonathan Barratt, IMetrik M2M’s chief technology officer.

“Our M2M-Chip working with our web-based application makes it all possible.”

An IMetrik M2M installation can be made in minutes and the company’s GSM wireless gateway being pre-activated allows for instant use. The system has been successfully demonstrated, and the company is on track to start delivering product in the first quarter of 2012.

IMetrik is based in Quebec, Canada.

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