Etisalat service allows family and friends to see foetus photographs

UAE telecoms provider Etisalat has introduced a service that allows expecting parents to share ultrasound scans of their foetus with family and friends. Called Mobile Baby, the service also enables remote medical diagnostics.

Developed with Great Connection, Mobile Baby lets medical practitioners send ultrasound images, video clips and 3D scans directly from ultrasound machines, with images delivered to any mobile phone via SMS, MMS and email.

In addition to offering real-time remote medical diagnostics, the service lets expecting parents share the joy of the pregnancy scan experience and ultrasound images of their foetus with family and friends around the world at the click of a button.

“Real-time, low cost transmission of high-quality images and video clips from the womb is an innovative enhancement to pre-natal healthcare,” said Essa Al Haddad, Etisalat Group’s chief marketing officer.

“The service will also appeal to the large base of expatriates in the UAE who might prefer to give birth to their babies in their home countries as a simple and efficient way of keeping medical staff aware of the progression in pregnancy.”

Etisalat is also forging relationships with companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical and health service industries to introduce more mobile healthcare projects in the UAE and across its 18 markets of operation in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“We are very excited to showcase our service in UAE
in collaboration with Etisalat,” said Åsa Nordgren, CEO of Great Connection.

“Our association is the beginning of an exciting era where new technologies will be used to enhance the access and quality of healthcare delivery in the UAE.”

Great Connection’s technology is based on global imaging standards and it works for all types of ultrasounds and x-rays. Mobile Baby is the first application in a portfolio of services in image conversion from the company.

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