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Telenor to supply aftermarket M2M product

Telenor to supply aftermarket M2M product

Posted by Steve RogersonOctober 16, 2011

Telenor Connexion has become the global supplier of embedded connectivity for Amelti, a manufacturer of industrial engine and vehicle fuel and emissions monitoring and management systems.

The premium M2M service is for Amelti’s flagship SmartFeeder product line, an aftermarket product designed to reduce and track fuel consumption, automate additive dispensing, reduce emissions and provide fleet management provisioning.

The SmartFeeder fuel additive injection system is engineered to track diesel fuel usage, vehicle or vessel activity and exhaust emissions – all in real-time. The embedded connectivity and dedicated service portal from Telenor enables the SmartFeeder systems to be monitored and controlled remotely, allowing for automatic adjustment of fuel additive dosing to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

“With more than ten years of developing communications solutions in the global M2M market, Telenor Connexion was the obvious connectivity partner for the global deployment of our intelligent SmartFeeder systems,” said Roger Kronborg, CTO at Amelti. “The company shows a unique combination of extensive knowledge about M2M and the automotive industry.

“The reliable solution provided by Telenor Connexion is backed up by outstanding customer support and an advanced technical platform.”

Major companies in shipping, transportation, navy and military, power generation, and other industries are said to be using Amelti services to make their businesses more profitable, more efficient and cleaner.

“The contract with Amelti is of significant importance to us,” said Henrik Rosell, regional sales manager at Telenor Connexion. “Telenor Connexion is proud to be part of Amelti’s innovative and ecologically beneficial SmartFeeder solutions.

“We support Amelti’s vision of becoming a global leader and their efforts in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction technologies.”

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