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Eseye opens US office to support smart metering customers in the Americas

Eseye opens US office to support smart metering customers in the Americas

Posted by Jeremy CowanOctober 26, 2011

London, UK. October, 2011: Eseye, a global machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity service provider and product design consultancy, has opened a new office in Connecticut, complementing the offices in the UK and continental Europe.

Eseye has seen rapid growth in its smart metering business in the US this year. These new customers require metering devices to be installed all over the world, and so are no longer satisfied with a single local carrier. Customers demand the ‘fit once, connect anywhere’ solution that Eseye is providing.

Paul Marshall, COO at Eseye, said: “We are really excited by the success we have had in the US with our AnyNet SIM and the freedom to switch network operator that gives to the customer. Our embedded SIMs or chip SIMs have also been very well received over here because we can tailor their specification to provide precisely the value-added services demanded by the customer’s M2M applications. Opening an office in the US will give us a base to really build on this success as well as provide more personal technical and commercial support to our customers here.”

Eseye is an M2M service provider with its own infrastructure (APN) and multiple operator interconnect agreements. The company says that what makes it different is its expertise in product engineering and systems integration, having the necessary expertise to help get your devices connected using mobile technology. And with customers around the world in multiple market segments such as; Security, Healthcare, Smart Metering, Renewable Energy and Automotive, Eseye believes it has the commercial know-how to ensure your business gets the best value out of Eseye’s technical expertise.

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