Australia’s AAPT replaces legacy billing system to cut costs and launch M2M

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Australian network operator, AAPT has replaced its legacy wholesale billing system with Comverse BSS, reportedly lowering operating costs and opening up new data service possibilities for its users, including M2M.

This replacement is the final stage of AAPT’s successful billing operations consolidation to Comverse BSS. Earlier phases of the project are said to have delivered “significant operational efficiencies, such as reduced bill and invoice processing times”. The current migration of wholesale customers to the Comverse BSS platform is designed to extend such efficiencies across the entire subscriber base.

AAPT is one of Australia’s leading telecoms companies, offering local and long distance voice, mobile, data and internet services for business, government and wholesale customers, via its extensive national fibre network. AAPT is 100% owned by Telecom New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest listed company and one of the top 20 largest listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange. AAPT is also one of only three Australian telcos to own and operate a national voice and data network.

“Based on our successful long-standing partnership with Comverse, we decided to retire our legacy system and move our retail and wholesale customers to the Comverse BSS solution,” said David Yuile, CEO, AAPT. “The solution has saved us money by simplifying the complexities of multi-play rating, freeing us to create attractive packages and promotions with minimal effort and quick time to market. This enhances the user experience for all of our business, government and now wholesale customers. Comverse BSS has many advantages that we intend to maximise.”

Optimised for convergent markets, Comverse BSS delivers flexible and powerful customer management, ordering, billing and revenue-generation applications. It gives communication service providers (CSPs) the tools to manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle – from acquisition through order management to charging and up-sell – regardless of service: fixed, mobile, data, content, cloud-based, and machine-to-machine (M2M).

“We take pride in the role we played assisting AAPT to establish itself as a strong market success in Australia, and with this extension of the partnership we are ready to move forward further,” said Lionel Chmilewsky, Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Facing Group at Comverse. “We strive to understand and meet the unique needs and business environment of each client. The strengths of the Comverse BSS solution and the unparalleled support we provide to optimise effectiveness often result in extensions of the relationship — here and around the world.”

The Comverse BSS solution now supports more than 750 million active subscribers across 85 countries for more than 200 telecom service providers worldwide.

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