Vodafone receives Logica accreditation

Logica has awarded an accreditation to Vodafone Global Enterprise for the secure and reliable way in which it uses its mobile network to enable smart meters as part of Logica’s Smart Data Service.

The accreditation, which recognises high standards in effectiveness, security, service levels and environmental protection, will provide utilities firms with added confidence that their customers are receiving the service they deserve. It also ensures that Vodafone Global Enterprise has the right processes in place to fix any problems quickly and efficiently in support of their Smart Data Service activities.

Tara McGeehan, Director of Utilities for Logica UK, explains; “Smart meters don’t just empower consumers to take control of their energy usage, they are integral to the creation of smart grids, creating a vital infrastructure that will enable Britain to satisfy our energy needs more sustainably, whilst helping to keep energy affordable. Consumers and their energy suppliers need to be confident that the infrastructure that supports smart meters is secure and reliable. This announcement is a step in building that confidence based on measurable performance of the services.”

Logica and Vodafone work closely together to enable customers of Britain’s energy suppliers to benefit from smart meters. Smart meters are able to give customers more control over their bills by providing them with more accurate information about their energy usage. By using mobile networks to carry this data, energy companies can deploy smart meters at speed without having to lay expensive cabling which can also be disruptive to customers.

Erik Brenneis, Global Head of M2M, Vodafone added “This accreditation of our data services will encourage energy suppliers to deploy smart meters at scale which is good news for customers looking to get more value for money as well as the environment through lower carbon emissions.”

Through its Smart Data Services and award winning Instant Energy solution, Logica supports the majority of smart meters installed in people’s homes across Britain. They have supported energy suppliers with the installation at a rate of over 23,000 new smart meters per month. Since go-live this has resulted in over 1.5bn gas and electricity meter reads being collected and in excess of 5.5 Gigabytes of data being transmitted over the Vodafone network. The accreditation of Vodafone’s communication services to operate as part of the Logica service further strengthens Logica’s position in the British smart metering market.

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