Axeda and ClearConnex announce new partnership

Axeda Corporation and ClearConnex have announced that they are joining forces to address improving the efficiency of deploying wireless, M2M solutions. Axeda provides a cloud-based platform for managing connected products and implementing M2M applications; ClearConnex is an engineering services firm that develops wireless device platforms.

Axeda’s platform now integrates with ClearComm’s wireless device agent, which is hardware agnostic and supports modems and modules from companies such as Sierra Wireless, Maestro Wireless and GenX Mobile. ClearComm also supports custom devices, enabling the joint Axeda and ClearConnex solution to communicate with any device selected by the customer. The stated benefits to the customer will be that they can start testing sooner and ultimately, get to market faster.

“As companies move to take advantage of the benefits of connecting their products, it is imperative that we as solution providers make the process as easy as possible,” said Bill Zujewski, EVP of product strategy and marketing, Axeda Corporation. “With ClearConnex, we have selected a partner who has unique expertise in helping customers select the right module or the right modem, as well as in building connectivity into any device.”

The Axeda® M2M Cloud Service’s open architecture design, has been built to handle the complex requirements for connected product solutions, such as managing multiple types of connections and assets, processing massive amounts of unstructured data, and providing enterprise-grade scalability and security.

“Having out-of-the-box integration with Axeda reduces cost and time-to-market for our customers,” said Ryan Rangel, CEO, ClearConnex. “We believe this alliance will dramatically reduce complexity for customers by eliminating a steep learning curve and allowing them to quickly add high value wireless capability to products and services.”

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