New Wi-Fi baby monitoring system allows parents to listen to baby from their smartphones

Belkin, a global provider of consumer electronics, and Evoz, creator of health and wellness technologies for parents, has announced a joint venture to create products that will give parents the ability to use any smartphone as a baby monitor.

Using the Evoz baby monitoring app and service, Belkin and Evoz will collaborate on products that will help give busy parents peace of mind by allowing them to listen to their baby anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone through any existing Wi-Fi network.

“We are excited to get to work creating technology that will positively impact mobile parents and their children” said Avishai Shoham, chief executive officer of Evoz.

“Our research shows that both mums and dads today take their smartphones with them everywhere,” said Jamie Elgie, senior director of Belkin’s mobility business unit. “With the introduction of the new baby monitor with Evoz, parents can now hear their baby wherever they are on something they are already carrying, with crystal clarity, and for a price similar to that of existing non-smartphone-based baby monitors.”

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