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Touchwork launches workforce productivity tools for utilities

Touchwork launches workforce productivity tools for utilities

Posted by IoT Now MagazineFebruary 24, 2012

Touchwork has launched Utiviti – a suite of smart, multi-platform products to make a utility workforce more productive and processes more efficient.

Utiviti provides the ability to turn ordinary cell phones into powerful real-time data collection devices. This low cost mobile phone technology empowers the utility workforce, and can significantly enhance operational effectiveness. In a world where 5.3 billion people have mobile phones, it makes sense to use this channel to improve the ease and speed at businesses can operate.

Utiviti allows better management of critical operational processes within a utility. From revenue protection, meter installation, reading, and auditing to asset management, work orders and seal life cycle management. Utiviti is claimed to maximise revenue while minimising operational costs. These systems operate with all mobile devices, thereby enabling universal deployment and minimising hardware investment.

Utiviti offers a number of key features:
• Collection of real-time data and additional business insight
• Enables better performance management and decision making
• Fast reaction to exceptions reported
• Increased efficiency in collecting data
• Improved quality and access to historic data
• Reduced costs associated with data collection
• User friendly, easy to implement and manage surveys
• No additional investment in hardware

Utiviti accommodates over 20 different question types including attaching photos, voice or video clips to audits. It also offers question branching, geo-location recording, routing schedules, push SMS/email reporting and fully user configurable reporting dashboards.

These advanced smart productivity products are accessible to all staff within the utility, and at a cost that offers fast return on investment.

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