Siemens opts for wind power plant communications by California's RTI

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Sunnyvale, California, USA — Siemens Energy, a solution provider for the generation, transmission and distribution of power, has standardised on Real-Time Innovations (RTI) for its next generation of wind power management communications solutions. RTI aims to offer fast, scalable communications software for building and integrating real-time operational system.

Siemens Energy will use RTI’s messaging software to deliver the resilient, high-performance and scalable data distribution capabilities that meet the demands of its supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for wind power delivery.

Siemens Energy deploys wind power solutions in a wide range of environments where network services vary — from LAN (local area network) to broadband to satellite communications. RTI’s support for a variety of underlying network transports ensures that wind turbines can intelligently integrate with multiple networks and IT infrastructure to achieve the highest possible performance, control and business systems integration. Also, system of systems scalability can continue to grow while performance is maintained as more wind power is generated for the grid.

RTI’s messaging software can monitor and control wind farm arrays with up to 500 wind turbines. The company’s real-time messaging and quality of service (QoS) characteristics enable Siemens to manage turbulence through the wind farm so that performance and wear is uniform in such a highly distributed operational environment. Additionally, RTI’s ability to integrate smoothly with other systems, including business enterprise applications, will allow Siemens to remotely monitor and troubleshoot the wind farm’s operations.

“The ability to maximise efficiency and quickly detect and avoid maintenance problems can make or break a business,” said Curt Schacker, RTI’s chief commercial officer. “Our clients can massively scale their wind turbine software infrastructure by reliably integrating multiple networks and subsystems.”

California-based RTI’s Connext solutions support enterprise-wide integration — from the operational edge to the enterprise data centre. The RTI standards-based software infrastructure is designed to improve the efficiency of operational systems while facilitating better decisions, actions and outcomes for the business enterprise.

RTI has delivered products and systems for over 10 years to customers in markets ranging from Aerospace & Defence, Process Automation, Financial Services, Energy, Automotive, Health Sciences and Transportation Management.

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