Snap MyLife selects PayOne AnyPhone for mobile carrier billing

Snap MyLife, developer of consumer cloud-service applications for mobile devices and other Internet-enabled consumer electronics, now offers customers the simplest way to pay for its digital services.

PayOne AnyPhone gives Snap MyLife subscribers the option to pay for services with a mobile, landline or broadband account via any connected device. No credit card or sensitive financial information is required. AnyPhone allows four billion consumers to securely participate in the digital economy, with vendor-branded checkout capability.

“PayOne is the only carrier billing partner in the market with an offering that covers the on-the-go mobile lifestyles of our customers with an easy way to make mobile payments,” said Omar Ferrer, vice president of Snap MyLife. “From carrier billed mobile payments for content and subscriptions purchased directly from a connected TV, PayOne is providing us with the tools necessary to help monetize and grow our business in a rapid and efficient manner.”

Snap MyLife’s product portfolio includes Snap™, Snap MyLife, Snap Sync™, Snap Music™ and Snap Secure.™ Consumer appetite for cloud-service applications is very strong, and the company has more than 500,000 monthly paying subscribers.

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