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New Report: The Satellite M2M Market 2012-2016

New Report: The Satellite M2M Market 2012-2016

Posted by IoT Now MagazineApril 2, 2012

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “The Satellite M2M Market 2012-2016” report to their offering.

This report provides readers with an analysis of the fast-growing and very lucrative satellite M2M market. It includes a profile of the different links that make up the satellite M2M industry chain, and takes a look at the stakeholders’ strategies. The report also allows readers to understand what the future holds for this market thanks to sales volume and revenue forecasts up to 2016.

Key Questions
– What is the current status of the satellite M2M market?
– What are the most dynamic markets?
– What are the market metrics (ARPU, equipment prices, etc.) and do they differ from cellular M2M?
– Who are the market’s top players?
– How much of their income is earned in M2M?
– What is their current market share?
– What does the future hold for this market? Which regions have the greatest potential? And which segments?

The report ships with its own database (Excel) and comprises:

– Market data and regional forecasts 2007-2016 (world, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific)
– Market figures, in volume and revenue

Data and forecasts 2007-2016 by region
– World
– Europe
– North America
– Asia-Pacific

Market sales: volume and revenue

– Satellite-based M2M Modules (in million units)
– Satellite-based M2M market (at year end, million EUR)

Breakdown of Satellite M2M Revenues (at year end, million EUR)

– M2M communication & associated services revenues
– M2M hardware & associated services revenues
– M2M software & IT services revenues

Key Topics Covered:
1. Executive Summary
2. Methodology
3. Different M2M architectures
4. Industry organisation and strategies
5. Core market structures
6. Close-up on the main satellite operators’ strategies
7. Appeal of the M2M market for these players
8. Satellite M2M market forecasts

Companies Mentioned
– Iridium
– Inmarsat
– Globalstar
– Orbcomm
– LightSquared (SkyTerra)
– SES Astra2connect et Eutelsat Tooway
– Qualcomm OmniTRACS

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