Dynamic pricing and real-time rating of metering data

Enabling reduced Smart Meter and Smart Grid investments

Orga Systems’ Smart Energy Billing solution, OS.Energy, enables dynamic pricing and real-time rating of metering data, using a centralised product and tariff management. It connects the metering network to the CIS, CRM and other customer support systems.

OS.Energy provides real-time pricing, charging and advanced account management capabilities, paving the way for successful customer interaction and self care. Existing billing processes, invoicing, payment and collection handling stay untouched but can, at any point in time, be added as an option. OS.Energy combines an event-action model and a rule-based pricing and rating engine to manage dynamic tariffs and account balances in real time.
Establishing smart payments, full scale tariff flexibility and dynamic load control, OS.Energy is a key enabler for profitable Smart Grid business.

Multitier customer notifications and visualization for cost and consumption in real-time ensure customer engagement and increase sensibility for energy usage and help reducing the CO2 footprint.

Benefits of OS.Energy in a nutshell:

  • Reduced Smart Meter and Smart Grid investments
  • Flexible integration into existing ERP & CIS systems
  • Low TCO through adjunct rating, charging and billing deployment
  • Future-proof system scalability and performance
  • Pre-integrated with leading MDCS and MDM suppliers
  • New revenue streams from additional VAS offerings
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