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Smart energy-saving plug can be remotely powered on and off by text message

Smart energy-saving plug can be remotely powered on and off by text message

Posted by Sophia FishApril 27, 2012

Energenie, a specialist manufacturer of smart energy saving and power management products, has launched the Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket – letting users remotely control power their plugs via a mobile phone.

Using either a Pay-As-You-Go or contract mobile phone SIM card, the GSM socket can be powered on and off by sending a simple text message no matter where you are in the world. The GSM socket also monitors power status and will send an alert SMS message in seconds if power is cut – critical for businesses running servers or catering and pharmaceutical organisations using cold storage appliances.

Plug in an additional sensor and ambient room temperature can be monitored.

If the temperature goes above or below a threshold set by the user, an SMS alert is sent so further action can be taken. It means professional carers or family members looking out for the welfare of grandparents or those with physical or mental disabilities can still control the heating or air conditioner system without having to make extra home visits. This level of control offers peace of mind for carers who cannot tend 24/7. Another benefit of this temperature gauge is warning users, via SMS, if the plug temperature becomes too hot and potentially harmful to the devices it powers.

This eco-friendly intelligent power socket also helps to reduce the user’s carbon footprint. The built-in daily/weekly clock for automatic control, powers down devices when they are not being used, saving energy in the process.

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