Cotecna and Orange turn their attention to tracking and transit monitoring

Cotecna, a transit monitoring supplier, and Orange Business Services have entered into a partnership to provide secure track and trace services, particularly for customs transit monitoring.

Cotecna specialises in working with customs and border control governmental departments, to fight fraud and secure the transport of sensitive merchandise such as petroleum products.

Orange offers an adapted SIM, that can cope with extreme conditions, and a network that provides IP access in 220 countries and territories.

Through this Cotecna-Orange Business Services partnership, Cotecna will be able to propose specific Orange M2M solutions in many market segments.

The partnership has already delivered a turn-key transit monitoring solution, which has been operating in Togo, West Africa, since December 2011.

Pierre-Olivier Pellegrin, senior vice president Security & Inspection Technology, Cotecna, said: “The capability of Orange to supply such a comprehensive package of technologies across a global landscape is of utmost importance to Cotecna’s expansion.”

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