GEO and Etneo make energy engaging for Italian households

Green Energy Options (GEO) has appointed Etneo Italia to distribute GEO’s home energy management systems within Italy.

These include a range of In-Home Displays (IHDs) which are easy for consumers to install, provide real-time information on energy usage within the home and put them in control of their energy consumption.

Based on research undertaken in 2011 by VaasaETT, a Global Energy Think Tank based in Finland, GEO and Etneo estimate that reduce electricity Italian households could consumption by 10% a year by using an In-Home Display to manage energy consumption more effectively.

Italians pay more for their electricity than many other European nations which makes any type of energy efficiency have greater impact, and with the average Italian household utility bill increasing year on year, a 10% saving can really make a difference to the household budget each month.

Etneo will be offering four of GEO’s home energy management systems in Italy, which incorporate In-Home energy displays, online energy information services, available on their PC, Tablet and Smartphone, and accessories such as smart plugs and temperature sensors:
• Ensemble home energy management system, which comes with an In-Home Display, an internet bridge to connect to online services, and either 1 or 3 smart plugs to monitor and control domestic appliances
• Solo PV In-Home Display, which provides real-time information in colour on the electricity generated by a domestic Solar PV system
• Solo In-Home Display, which provides real-time information on energy consumption, for those households that don’t need the functionality of the Ensemble
• Later in 2012, the Chorus, which is an advanced home energy management system that can combine information on energy consumption and generation, appliance control through smart plugs, heating control and temperature sensors.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, Chief Executive Officer of GEO (pictured) comments; “Italy pushed ahead with its Smart Meter programme before the benefits of real time feedback via displays were really available, so GEO has adapted its designs to work with existing electricity meters. This means that Italian consumers can really benefit from access to real-time energy information, so we’re pleased to be appointing Etneo as a distributor, given our strong marketing and technical skills capable of bringing new concepts to market”.

“We are very excited about partnering with GEO. We want to broaden our current offering in renewables equipment to installers and wholesalers by making GEO’s home energy management systems available in Italy. ” says Ezio Drappo, CEO at Etneo

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