GEO keeps a colourful eye on water consumption

Green Energy Options (GEO) has announced its first European partner for GEO’s forthcoming water display the “Water Ensemble”.

Danish based Kamstrup has partnered with GEO to distribute this colour in-home display for water visualisation to utilities in Scandinavia and Central Europe.

The in-home water display will give consumers a much-needed understanding of their water consumption, enabling them to make informed choices to change behaviour, resulting in reduction of waste and potentially lower bills. An added bonus will be readily accessible meter readings and web & mobile application services.

The “Water Ensemble” display will
• make water meter readings easy – the display shows the current meter reading rather than having to find and read the meter itself
• keep track of hot and cold water consumption where multiple meters are present
• make consumers aware of their water consumption and thereby help them change their behaviour and become more water efficient without impacting their lifestyle
• enable private rental house owners and landlords to measure the water consumption of their tenants and charge accordingly
• highlight a leak, indicated by abnormal flow, before significant damage occurs.

The “Water Ensemble” has a range of useful alerts including leaking or burst pipes, enables easy budget control and engages all ages with its friendly colour picture display. With so many water meters being difficult to reach, the monitor will also make meter readings easy and more readily available in an understandable way. The monitor will be available this autumn and Kamstrup is already taking pre-orders.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, Chief Executive at GEO (pictured) comments; “Here at GEO we are really pleased to be working with a first class company like Kamstrup in distributing this unique new colour display, which we believe is the first of its kind. We can now engage people further by making water consumption visible to the eye in the same way we do with electricity, gas and micro-generation. All of our systems are designed to help households to manage their consumption of essential utility services, and water is just as important as the others. We try hard to make our displays informative and fun, and through this agreement with Kamstrup, we will be able to reach many more households across Europe.”

Steen Schelle Jensen, Product Group Manager for Water Metering Systems, at Kamstrup says, “We are looking forward to working with GEO and we see the display as an essential addition to our intelligent water meters. We want to make the in home water display available to households all over Europe and hope to make an impact on the growing concerns over drought. The “Water Ensemble” is very intuitive and will help people become more water conscious and efficient by showing them where and when they are using water. Via smart control systems like the Water Ensemble and our remote read water meters we can help water suppliers deploy intelligent water management”.

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