Orange and flaik keep track of lost skiers in real time with GPS

Orange Business Services are helping flaik, a location-based services company to expand its GPS-based locator system to international markets thanks to a global machine-to-machine (M2M) platform.

flaik designs and develops tracking systems for a broad range of resorts and outdoor sports, including ski destinations and schools, mountain biking and hiking facilities and other activities that cover large areas.

flaik Tags embedded with Orange SIM cards act as a safety device as well as a personal tracker. Data recorded by the flaik Tags is transmitted over the Orange network and is accessible through a web-based portal via the internet or a wireless connection.

The location of skiers can be monitored anywhere on the mountain in real-time, which is an invaluable resource for tracking student skiers and finding lost skiers. The system is also an innovative way to chart personal performance on the slopes. Skiers can track where they skied, how long they spent on each run, the difficulty of each trail and their average top speeds.

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