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Cullen launches monitoring service to benchmark the roll-out of smart meters

Cullen launches monitoring service to benchmark the roll-out of smart meters

Posted by Jeremy CowanJuly 2, 2012

Brussels, Belgium – Cullen International has launched a new smart energy monitoring service. The service was unveiled at the ‘Smart Regulation for Smart Grids: An EU Overview’ event, held in Brussels as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week with the support of the European electricity sector association, EURELECTRIC.

The smart grids regulatory event brought together speakers from the European Commission, national regulators, electricity companies and the telecoms and ICT industry to discuss the challenges ahead in finding the right regulatory balance for smart grids and accelerating their deployment for the benefit of a more efficient and sustainable energy market.

The Cullen International Smart Energy monitoring service tracks and benchmarks the implementation of smart grids and the roll-out of smart meters in the five largest energy-using markets – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. It provides its subscribers with regular policy and regulatory updates, as well as a dedicated enquiry service. Cullen believe it will be an indispensable benchmarking tool for energy and ICT insiders, both from industry and regulators.

Speaking at the launch, Philippe Defraigne (pictured), director of Cullen International, said, “Smart energy brings together the best of telecoms and ICT with energy. As the leading telecoms regulatory tracking provider, Cullen International has the know-how to provide detailed monitoring and benchmarking analysis to both sectors at a time when smart grids are taking off. Indeed, with the EU reference market model for smart grids having been designed during the first half of 2012, regulatory conclusions based on stakeholder consensus are expected in the second half of 2012.”

Cullen International is a provider of regulatory information covering the telecommunications, e-commerce, media and smart energy sectors. For over 25 years, Cullen International has been tracking, reporting on and benchmarking regulatory developments, now covering Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. Cullen International’s reports are widely used by government institutions, regulators and industry.

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