Germany’s gematik invites tenders for healthcard telematics applications

gematik gematik

Berlin, Germany. August 28, 2012 — Berlin-based gematik GmbH, a provider of health card telematics applications, is inviting international competitive bids for provision of an electronic health card in Germany. gematik is looking for IT services including consulting, software development, internet support, and computer network services.

Founded in 2005, gematik is a company owned by German health care organisations. It aims to establish, maintain and develop an eHealth card and related telematics applications for data communication between insured patients, healthcare providers and insurers who pay for healthcare services. gematik has developed IT standards for the construction and operation of a common communication infrastructure of all healthcare stakeholders. For future commercial operation it will be the approval body for industrial components and telematics infrastructure services, and is responsible for operations.

The deadline for supplying bids for procurement of an electronic health card (eHealth) is February 2, 2013. Following the introduction of the electronic health card, it is intended to establish a Germany-wide eHealth telematics infrastructure. gematik is responsible for the construction and operation of this infrastructure.

Following a review and realignment of the telematics infrastructure, gematik’s shareholders decided to build a scalable and extendable telematics platform infrastructure. During field tests, the practicality, acceptability, operational performance and data protection will be reviewed. Findings from these field tests will form the basis for the technical and logistical implementation of the eHealth card.

For more information contact: Alexander Beyer
gematik Gesellschaft fur Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte MbH

Friedrichstraße 136
10117 Berlin
Tel : +49 30 40 041 150

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