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Zenith Hygiene Group cuts CO2 emissions by 28%

Zenith Hygiene Group cuts CO2 emissions by 28%

Posted by Andy JordanAugust 30, 2012

Zenith Hygiene Group has cut its CO2 emissions by almost 600 tonnes a year with the use of TomTom’s fleet management technology.

Zenith carries out around 1,000 deliveries a day through its network of 119 vehicles. In a bid to promote efficiency and eco-friendly driver behaviour, the company decided to install TomTom’s tracking, navigation and ecoPLUS devices across its vehicle fleet .

The technology, which is connected to the internet via Vodafone’s machine-to-machine (M2M) services, allows Zenith to track vehicle usage and fuel consumption. As a result, Zenith has reportedly been able to minimise incidents of speeding and run a more efficient fleet operation.

According to a study by global sustainability consultancy Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Zenith has reduced its CO2 emissions by 28 percent across its 61-strong lorry fleet – equivalent to 597 tonnes of CO2 or 1,000 return lorry trips between London and Manchester.

“In financial terms, it is estimated that if Zenith Hygiene continues at the current level of fuel efficiency, it could save in the region of £218,000 per year on fuel costs, with a further potential £50,000 on reduced maintenance costs,” ERM reported.

Logistics firms such as UPS already use M2M in their vehicle fleets to optimise driving routes and provide live package tracking information for customers, and several insurance companies now offer usage-based insurance packages which set rates based on actual driving habits.

“Mobile technology is enabling people to adopt lower carbon ways of operating, living and working,” said Erik Brenneis, head of Vodafone Global M2M. “The efficiency gains and costs savings made by Zenith provide compelling evidence for business investment in advanced fleet management technology.”

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