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Care Technology Systems and Qualcomm Life join forces to facilitate 'ageing-in-place'

Care Technology Systems and Qualcomm Life join forces to facilitate 'ageing-in-place'

Posted by Jeremy CowanSeptember 13, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee, USA (BUSINESS WIRE) September 12, 2012 — Care Technology Systems (CTS), a company that helps the elderly to safely age at home, has announced the availability of CTS’ monitoring suite on the 2net™ Platform operated by Qualcomm Life, Inc.

As organisations across the US are beginning to embrace the positive benefits of remote monitoring, many have been frustrated that they have to cobble together disparate solutions from different vendors. By bringing together Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and biometric monitoring all on one 2net Platform, Care Technology Systems believes it is offering an unrivalled ‘value proposition’ that is a win for health insurance plans, care providers and patients.

“We’re excited to be offering Personal Emergency Response System and Activities of Daily Living monitoring, as well as biometrics (blood pressure, glucose, etc.) on the 2net Platform,” said Jim Anderson, founder, chairman and president of Care Technology Systems. “Our focus as a company has always been to provide the highest quality care support possible. Qualcomm Life, with its leadership position in wireless technology for the healthcare industry, will help us continue to realise this goal.”

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Care Technology Systems has united a range of leading-edge technologies and communications media to help seniors maintain their independence and lifestyle as they age ‘in place’. The key to the system is that it has no interface to frustrate the user. Its wireless technology works silently in the background to keep both families and staff informed 24/7 of the senior’s lifestyle movements and requires nothing of the senior or patient to perform its role. If there are issues or threats, caregivers close by and far away are immediately notified through various communications channels — including social media — and can respond appropriately.

A cloud-based system, Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform enables companies, providers and users to capture data from any wireless medical device and deliver it to integrated portals or databases, storing it in a secure and reliable system. Information can be easily retrieved by physicians, caregivers or other critical audiences, such as designated healthcare service companies, providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and application or device collaborators, for use in healthcare decisions. CTS utilises the 2net Platform to provide PERS, ADL monitoring and biometrics. Qualcomm Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc.

“Qualcomm Life’s mission is to make wireless health simple for medical device manufacturers, and to ultimately have an impact on improving healthcare,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life. “Care Technology’s solution has broadened the scope of what our platform can offer and we are excited to have them on board.”

Care Technology Systems works to help senior citizens maintain their independence and lifestyle as they safely age in place, bringing both users and caregivers peace of mind. The company’s technology is integrated into the senior’s lifestyle — no one must master new skills or technologies — and works quietly in the background, keeping everyone informed and alerting caregivers so they can respond appropriately if there is an issue/threat to the senior’s health or safety.

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