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CradlePoint expands wireless solution portfolio to AT&T’s 4G networks

CradlePoint expands wireless solution portfolio to AT&T’s 4G networks

Posted by Andy JordanSeptember 14, 2012

CradlePoint, a provider of 4G/3G wireless networking for distributed enterprises, announced the CradlePoint ARC and COR series solutions for AT&T’s LTE and HSPA+ networks.

The CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 Mobile Broadband Router is CradlePoint’s bellwether networking solution for distributed enterprises and retail branch locations providing wireless back up and primary network connectivity. The CradlePoint COR series has a small form factor for high-bandwidth applications like kiosks, digital signage, ATMs, vehicles, and video surveillance.

“With the emergence of 4G LTE at speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, and eight times faster than T-1 lines, enterprises are turning to wireless connections and the cloud to better manage their operational and transactional applications,” said George Mulhern, CEO and chairman of the board of CradlePoint.

The CradlePoint COR and ARC series are designed with multiple wired and wireless WAN connectivity options and routing features like quality of service (QoS), VPN termination, and load balancing that allow users to optimise connections for either wired or wireless networks.

The CradlePoint COR and ARC series have 3G/4G dual mode capabilities to enable deployment of a single solution for many company locations, leveraging 3G in locations where the 4G is not yet available. In addition, large deployments of the routers can be managed remotely using WiPipe Central, CradlePoint’s cloud-based application and management platform, to monitor, configure, and upgrade geographically-dispersed systems without requiring on-site technical resources.

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