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Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) joins oneM2M Partnership

Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) joins oneM2M Partnership

Posted by Andy JordanSeptember 26, 2012

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) announced it has joined the oneM2M Partnership, which was launched in July 2012 to enable the deployment of services in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications systems.

As the first organisation to apply as an oneM2M Partner Type 2, OMA received notification of its oneM2M partnership approval on September 14. Having already participated in the first oneM2M Steering Committee, OMA is participating in the first Technical Plenary meeting, which is taking place this week in Nice, France.

OneM2M is member based global organisation that develops cooperative service layer optimisation standards to ensure global functionality of M2M. OMA has joined oneM2M as a Partner Type 2 allowing OMA to contribute to the success of oneM2M, while continuing its own work on M2M-related specifications. OMA offers multiple enablers for machine-to-machine devices and services.

“Billions of M2M devices will be deployed and it is crucial for this emerging industry that standards are deployed internationally to ensure maximum interoperability among devices and services across networks,” stated Mark Cataldo, chairman of the board, OMA. “OMA supports the goals of oneM2M and we look forward to a successful, mutually beneficial partnership.”

The OneM2M partnership was launched on the 24 July 2012 by seven major communications organisations from Japan and China to Europe, the USA and Korea.

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