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ORBCOMM’s StarTrak provides refrigerated transport solutions, and confirms 2nd gen satellite launch

ORBCOMM’s StarTrak provides refrigerated transport solutions, and confirms 2nd gen satellite launch

Posted by Jeremy CowanSeptember 29, 2012

Fort Lee, New Jersey & Cleveland, Ohio, USA (BUSINESS WIRE) — StarTrak Information Technologies, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC) and TMW Systems, Inc., have implemented StarTrak’s ReeferTrak® application with TMWSuite® at joint customer, Lessors, Inc.

In a separate announcement ORBCOMM says that its second generation of satellites (OG2) has completed testing and was shipped from Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Integration and Test Facility in Louisville, Colorado, and has arrived at the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The OG2 prototype satellite will be prepared for a launch on the Cargo Re-supply Services (CRS) mission aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket currently targeted for October 7, 2012.

StarTrak Information Technologies is a provider of telematics solutions for the transport and logistics industries, while TMW Systems, Inc., is a transportation management software provider.

StarTrak’s ReeferTrak application interfaces with TMWSuite to give for-hire carriers and private fleets the ability to capture real-time refrigerated trailer operational data including trailer temperature, operational condition and GPS position. The StarTrak interface with TMWSuite is now available for general release from TMW Systems.

In the application for Lessors, ReeferTrak delivers a range of refrigeration unit events, alarms and status, including temperature set point, on/off state, location, temperatures, fuel levels, and microprocessor controller alarms. The broad range of reefer-specific data is used completely in the TMWSuite user screens.

“This joint capability from StarTrak and TMW offers timely and comprehensive temperature, fuel management, maintenance, and logistical applications services to help carriers operate more effectively and efficiently,” said David Gsell, StarTrak’s General Manager. “TMWSuite customers can leverage the StarTrak interface for continuous visibility and full two-way control over their fleet, maximising real savings, improving end-to-end operations and ultimately providing better service throughout the value chain.”

“The customer-proven integration with StarTrak provides our cold chain for-hire carrier customers with leading tracking and monitoring capabilities for transport refrigeration units,” said Jennifer McQuiston, director, Partner Management, TMW Systems. “TMW customers who are active in food and temperature-controlled logistics operations now have extensive options for trailer tracking and fleet management with this announcement.”

Second generation satellite

The completion of the satellite’s testing verifies that all equipment meets ORBCOMM’s technical specifications and safety requirements. The OG2 prototype is the first of ORBCOMM’s next generation of satellites, which will add new features and services, enhance network performance and improve global coverage. This satellite will be used to evaluate performance for subsequent OG2 satellite launches and in addition, will be equipped with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) payload to receive and report transmissions from AIS-equipped vessels for ship tracking and other maritime navigational and safety efforts.

In mid-2013, ORBCOMM plans to launch an additional eight satellites, which will be placed into orbits that deliver the best coverage for the enhanced OG2 messaging services. The remainder of the constellation of 18 satellites is expected to be launched in 2014.

“The deployment of this first OG2 satellite marks a historic milestone in the evolution of our global M2M network and solidifies ORBCOMM as the standout leader in providing integrated M2M communications services to customers around the world,” said Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s CEO. “The launch of our first OG2 satellite will bring us one step closer to our goal of delivering an even higher level of functionality, performance and service.”

ORBCOMM is a global satellite data communications company, focused on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Its customers include Caterpillar Inc., Doosan Infracore America, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Asset Intelligence (a division of I.D. Systems, Inc.), Komatsu Ltd., Manitowoc Crane Companies, Inc., and Volvo Construction Equipment among others. By means of a global network of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and accompanying ground infrastructure, ORBCOMM’s two-way data communication services track, monitor and control mobile and fixed assets in markets such as: commercial transportation; heavy equipment; industrial fixed assets; marine; and homeland security. ORBCOMM based products are installed on trucks, containers, marine vessels, locomotives, backhoes, pipelines, oil wells, utility meters, storage tanks and other assets.

Through its recently acquired subsidiaries StarTrak Information Technologies, LLC and StarTrak Logistics Management Solutions, LLC (formerly PAR Logistics Management Solutions), ORBCOMM is provides tracking, monitoring and control services for the refrigerated transport market.

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